2019 LED Glasses for Halloween, Parties, Raves and more!

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  • These 2019 LED Rave Sunglasses are excellent for trick or treating, parties, shows, raves, concerts and festivals!
  • High-quality EL (electroluminescent) wire provides an excellent continuous glow!
  • Easy to use single-button design.
  • Press the button on select between four light modes: ON / Slow Flash / Quick FLASH / Off.
  • Ergonomic design and made of stylish black shiny frames.
  • Regular one-size design is comfortable for adults and kids to wear.
  • The pack and glasses are connected by a 35" wire.
  • You can easily hide the pack in your pocket, clothing or chip in belt by the clip of the pack.
  • Glasses work with a battery pack attached by wire ( NOT CORDLESS ).
  • Independent battery pack with two 1.5V AA batteries can provide the adequate power to ensure a longer continuous light up time (two hours at least depending on your battery capacity used).